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Who We Are

My Receptionist is a well-trained group of virtual receptionists that consistently deliver a friendly, professional response, 24/7/365.

What We Do

For more than 13 years we've been Alacrity's Emergency Claim Assignment call center. If you've ever accepted an emergency claim, then you've talked with us!

How's it Work?

When you sign up with My Receptionist for a Direct Access Account (DAA), we’ll collect your call handling instructions including employee names, phone numbers, emails and anything else you’d like to share. We’ll also clearly define the call handling instructions for emergency claim assignments for both business hours and after-hours.

How is this Going to Help?

We call it the “One and Done” process. By having direct access to your contact information, especially during after-hours and on weekends, we can significantly decrease the time it takes to get a hold of you. And the quicker we can reach you and your employees, the sooner you're on the job and the less likely you are to lose a job to reassignment.

What Does it Take to Sign Up?

A couple of quick steps and we’ll be up and running. We’ll start with a quick form to collect:

- business info
- employee contact info
- call handling instructions

From there, we’ll contact you if we have any questions or if we need to discuss further. And you can always contact us at 800.686.0162 or That’s it!

What Are the Numbers?

Average Time to Dispatch & Receive Voice Verification

  minutes           VS              minutes


Average Number of Calls to Contact Contractor

  calls                VS              call


Number of Reassignments

  reassigns         VS              reassigns

*Data based on 190 claims compared to the same amount of control claims.