Work-Day Productivity 101 Tips

Some days being productive can just be plain hard. We’re always open to learning how to become more productive. Here are some of our tried and true work-day Productivity 101 tips to be more effective during the work day.

  • Productivity 101Use a to do list app – download an app like Evernote to help organize what you need to get done each day. Checking off what you accomplished at the end of the day will make you feel so good! Or just buy a fun notepad and make your to do list the old fashioned way.
  • At meetings focus on actions that need to be made to complete the project. Be as concise as possible if you’re leading the meeting. Send an agenda in advance if there’s a lot you’re covering.
  • Utilize a time during the day dedicated to really getting stuff done. During this time don’t check your emails or notifications on your phone. Use this hour to get what you really need to done without any distractions.
  • If you get distracted by coworkers talking in the office, put your earbuds in and listen to a calming music playlist.
  • Make your work schedule a time that fits with your self/personality if possible. If you’re a morning person, go to the office early, if you’re a night owl, start your work day a little later.
  • Take a break. Try to take a lunch break so you can debrief and calm you mind. If it’s a busy day and you don’t have time for that, just take a quick walk around the office. This can help clear your mind so you’re ready to go back to your desk and get stuff done!
  • Try some stretches at work while you’re in your chair. You can stretch your arms, legs, and back.

What are some of your best productivity tips for work?

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