Top 5 tips to get you ready for the holiday

Try these business tips before you head out on your holiday vacation! That way you’ll enjoy time with your family and friends, all while your customers are happy and taken care of.

1. Update on call schedule

Make sure the correct on call employees are on the schedule for the holidays. If there are any changes to the phone numbers or emails, ensure those are updated as well. No one wants to be called who isn’t supposed to during the holidays!

2. Adjust email signature and automate email

Change your email signature to reflect holiday hours. If you’re out of the office, send an automatic response email informing the customer when they can expect an email. This way the customer won’t be waiting for a reply within 24 hours. Noting a specific date you’ll be out of the office until is typically most helpful to customers. This way you can enjoy the holidays with your family and friends instead of emailing customers.

3. Change office hours on website and phone recording

If you have a phone recording with office hours, state the holiday office hours instead of the usual hours. Make a note on the company website for holiday office hours. If social media is a popular outlet for customers to use, post the holiday hours on all social media pages as well as the website.

4. Make changes to online schedule

Block out any days on the schedule that won’t have appointments with customers. No need for customers to come in when you’re away during the holiday season. If you’re taking days off, change the schedule in advance so no customers schedule on those days. If a customer schedules for a day you plan on taking off, call the customer to reschedule the appointment for when you’re back in the office.

5. Update social media pages and website with holiday deals

If the company is offering any holiday promotions or deals, make sure to post them on company social media pages. If applicable, also post on the company website. This way customers will know the holiday savings they can receive throughout the holiday season!

What are your tried and true tips to get your business ready for the holiday season? Let us know if there are other ways to provide amazing customer service when you aren’t in the office!

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