5 Tips for Dealing with Unhappy Customers

Sometimes when we’re working with customers they may be unhappy about a company policy, appointment rescheduling issue, or anything else. Here are a few tips to help you work with unhappy callers like a pro.

  1. Remain calm and professional.
    • While speaking with the customer remember to always stay calm and professional, even if they aren’t being professional. Your calmness may rub off on the customer, you never know!
  2. Remember the customer is frustrated with the situation, not with you.
    • Keep in mind the customer is frustrated with the situation at hand and try not to make it personal.
  3. Be as helpful as possible.
    • Do as much as you can to help the customer solve their problem. Being helpful will make your customer feel cared for and maybe even happier.
  4. Be compassionate and sympathetic.
    • When a customer calls in upset remember that you don’t know what’s going on in their life and they could be dealing with a lot more than a cancellation policy they’re upset about. Remember to be kind and put yourself in their shoes. 
  5. Act Positive.
    • Sometimes it can be difficult to stay positive when a customer is being negative. It’s always good to brin
      g positivity to someone’s day.


We hope these tips are helpful for you! The next time you receive a call from an unhappy customer you’ll be calm, cool, and collected if your remember to use these tips!



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