How to throw an amazing holiday party

  • December 19, 2017

This year we decided to celebrate the holidays together as a My Receptionist family. We enjoyed lots of food, fun, and games! Below, are a list of compiled ideas to make your company holiday party the best yet!

  1. Games
    • Games are fun icebreakers to get everyone involved! Games are a fantastic way to get the party going, and everyone interacting with each other.
  2. Prizes
    • What’s a game without a prize for the winning team?! This year we gave each team member of the winning team a gift card. Gift cards were to a few different places around the area for people to eat or get something they needed. These can be easier to use than a gift, since it can be hard to find a gift everyone would enjoy. Making everyone happy is one of the keys to a great holiday party.
  3. Cookie and gift exchange
    • Cookies and gift exchange are a perfect way to try cookies you haven’t made before. Including a recipe for the cookies is also great so you can make the cookies at home. Put a limit on how many cookies should be on the plate. For the gift exchange, make sure the gifts are gender neutral and the gifts are under ten of fifteen dollars.
  4. Ugly sweaters
    • What makes everyone in the holiday cheer? Ugly holiday sweaters! Wearing a holiday outfit will always get you into the holiday party spirit! Contests to see which employee has the best holiday sweater is always a blast.
  5. Lots of food
    • Have a variety of options for employees to enjoy. Lots of food options are nice for employees with allergies or dietary restrictions.

We guarantee these ideas will get you ready for your company holiday party! Your employees will enjoy the cheer and fun of the holiday party! Happy Holidays!

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