What Does a Virtual Receptionist Do? [4 Services & Benefits]

Sometimes terms can be confusing, like ‘Virtual Receptionist’ – is this like a virtual assistant? Like Siri or Alexa? Not quite, because a virtual receptionist isn’t for you to ask about the weather or directions to a new restaurant – it’s for your business!

My Receptionist has been the leader in virtual receptionist services for years, and we want to show you why. Learn more on our website – or, simply read on to learn all there is to know about virtual receptionists!

Let’s learn about the services and benefits that a virtual receptionist can provide your business – 24/7!

Answer Calls (Of Course)

A virtual receptionist is first and foremost your receptionist, meaning there will always be someone available to answer your calls, whether they come in at 8 AM or 8 PM. Whenever you have our virtual receptionist services on, we’re on for you, and ready to answer calls, questions, and anything else your customers might need.

The beauty of a virtual receptionist is that we are always there and fully customizable. If you only need us on your off-hours, that’s just fine. If you prefer us during your peak hours so you can handle matters in house instead of being on the phone, that’s fine too!

A virtual receptionist is all about providing the phone services you need, only when you need them, so there are no wasted funds either.

Appointment Setting

If making appointments and meetings is eating into your time to actually be in those appointments and meetings, then a virtual receptionist might just be a godsend.

Many industries rely on a constant stream of clients making appointments. From healthcare to legal services, appointment setting is a large part of many business models. But it can also take up a large amount of your valuable time, time you could be spending in appointments.

So, in the long run, a virtual receptionist actually makes you money – and that’s a great ROI.

Appointment Confirmation

One of the largest drains on healthcare or legal service businesses are missed or forgotten appointments. Make these lessen or even disappear, by utilizing appointment confirmation services through your virtual receptionist.

Did you know that recent studies have shown that as many as 40% of medical appointments are no-shows? And each of those no-show appointments is losing you money as your staff (and you) still have to be there. What would you do with 40% more clients or revenue?

Appointment confirmation services can dramatically drop those numbers, meaning you have more clients filling more of your appointments, and bringing in more revenue. So, again, in the long haul, a virtual receptionist actually saves you money (or even makes you money).

Secure Mobile Messaging

Secure, two-way smartphone, smartwatch and tablet messaging is perfect for your entire team for when you need your messages fast, but not on an answering machine (that’s so 1999). Protect your patients and organization when you use secure messages to send encrypted messages with your Android, Apple or Windows device.

Your virtual receptionist should be as up-to-date and high tech as you – and with My Receptionist, they will be!

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