Business Answering Services [The Evolution of Your Service]

It’s a good thing that business answering services have grown and changed with the times, as we’re sure you and your clients don’t want to use a rotary phone, or even a corded phone to reach that business down the street.

Phones and business answering services have come a long way in the last 120 years, and call centers and receptionist services have kept up every step of the way since – even leading in innovation and flexibility throughout the years.

But, as it’s the end of a decade, let’s look back on business answering services, and phone service – and look forward to the new leaps and bounds of the future.

Business Answering Services in the 1900s-1950s

Did you know that by 1905 there were over 2.2 million telephones in the Bell’s telephone system? Or that this number more than doubled by 1910? By 1948, over 30 million phones were connected in the Unites States – making it the new way to communicate. But with phones and extended communication came new needs – like business answering services.

Consider healthcare and doctors – the 1920s to 1950s was when they would still make house calls, which meant you had to call the doctor to summon him to you. But who would man the phone when the doctor was out? Answering machines were still not widely used or reliable, which meant there had to be a person on the other end of the line at all times, taking calls, messages, and alerting the doctor each time they returned who needed them next.

I’m sure we can still picture the old fashioned business phone service professionals of the 1950s with their curled and coifed hair and pleated dresses – these were the first business answering service providers, but we’ve come a long way since then!

Business Answering Services in the 1960s-1990s

Soon switchboards were long in the past and automated programs began to rule, however, large companies or offices still used business answering services to send messages and calls to a specific office or individual. This was hugely important, as often a message needed to get to a higher up or executive quickly, without having messengers running or multiple lines ringing as they searched for the recipient. Many households still didn’t understand how important it was to have a reliable way to get and keep important information – but businesses did.

Most business answering services had to take down messages by hand, being careful to make sure they got everything accurate and not one word wrong – lest they missed important information.

Later, the answering machine became the new standard, but it lacked personal touch for many industries and ultimately still needed someone to return all calls, and relay information to others. Additionally, doctors and dentists still needed someone to man their phones and prioritize their calls, as well as get the callers through to the right healthcare professional.

Business Answering Services in the Cell Phone Era

Business answering services are still needed, even today, to give that personal touch, make sure every message is taken correctly and transferred promptly, and to allow your team to focus on their tasks, not the constantly ringing phones.

This is why My Receptionist offers business answering services for large and small businesses alike – whether you just need a friendly voice when you’re out of the office, all night, or all through the weekends. Having a friendly, real live person is just as important now as it was in the 1950s – maybe even more so. And with recent technology jumps, having a virtual receptionist is the perfect answer!

If you are considering a business answering service, then contact My receptionist today, to see how answering services are still growing, changing, and innovating with modern times! From our state of the art equipment, to our company culture and flexibility, we are exactly what 2020 needs!

Happy New Year from My Receptionist – and may we speak with you in the near future!

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