Spring Clean your Budget with a Business Answering Service [5 Benefits]

Business Answering Services aren’t just for making sure you’re available to your customers – it can help you spring clean your business processes too! My Receptionist is here to help your scheduling, calls, and day run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Here are some of the most common ways that a Business Answering Service can help you streamline your duties and spring clean your budget!

Save Time for Your Employees

Business Answering Services can help your employees focus on their tasks, instead of pausing to answer phone calls and then forgetting what they were doing.

Splitting their time between calls and customers, along with normal business and job duties can waste time and money – two things your business does not need this spring!

Increase Your Efficiency with Chunking

Just like splitting your time can decrease efficiency, wasting time and money, the opposite is also true!

Creating ‘chunking schedules’ throughout your day can increase your productivity and help you and your employees use time wisely. By adding two to four times throughout your day to check your messages or calls, you can ‘chunk’ your time to not switch gears as often.

Using our Business Answering Services to cover your phones when you aren’t scheduled to be checking in is a great way to get more out of each day, hour, and minute.

Improve Your Business’s Work-Life Balance

Sometimes work-life balance can be a real balancing act, and as most of us are working from home, that balancing act isn’t getting any easier lately.

Luckily, Business Answering Services can help your work-life balance by allowing you to put down your phone when your work hours are done and ignore it until the next workday begins.

Let us cover your phones whenever you need us to, and then pick right back up the next day when you’re ready and rejuvenated.

Flexible Pricing for Your Budget

What good are Business Answering Services if they don’t fit your budget? After all, spring cleaning your budget doesn’t mean cleaning out your wallet!

My Receptionist wants to do quite the opposite and help your business by offering flexible budgets and simple processes. Because we want to clean out the extra services you don’t use, clean out the extra expenses you don’t need, and clean away the time-wasting practices that might have slunk in over the last year.

Check out our transparent and simple pricing below:

Pricing table for my receptionist

Business Answering Services Only When You Need Them

Unlike some Business Answering Services, we think it makes more sense to let our clients choose exactly when they want their services so there aren’t any wasted minutes or unnecessary expenses.

That’s why we made our process easier by allowing your calls to ring through to us any time you designate them to be forwarded. We’ll provide you a forwarding number, which means you will always keep your current published number.

Just tell us when you want us to answer your phone, and continue your day worry-free, knowing you have a whole team of dedicated professionals manning your phone lines and helping your customers.

Contact My Receptionist for Your Business Answering Services Today!

We’re here for your customers even when you can’t be! With our Virtual Receptionist, Appointment Booking, and 24/7 Business Answering Services, your customers will never be left on hold or sent to an answering machine.

With our Business Answering Services, you’ll never miss a business opportunity again because you couldn’t get to the phone in time.

If you are interested in sprucing up your business services and spring cleaning your processes this year, then consider Business Answering Services from My Receptionist!

Give us a call today to learn more, or check out our explainer video on our How It Works page.

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