3 Reasons Your Medical Practice Needs a Virtual Receptionist

Everyone knows medical professionals work hard, but only an actual practicing medical professional like yourself would know how extremely busy the job truly is. A virtual medical receptionist can help lighten your load so you can get work done better, faster, and more efficiently.

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist functions as a front office support person. In a healthcare business setting, they can handle any task that doesn’t require specific healthcare expertise. They can direct your calls, schedule your appointments, and provide general support.

Why Hire a Virtual Receptionist for Your Medical Practice?

A virtual medical receptionist can make work a lot easier and more efficient. Here are a few ways you would benefit from hiring one.

1. Increased Effectivity

By leaving menial administrative tasks to a virtual medical receptionist, you’re able to focus on the higher-order functions that require your utmost attention.

A few examples of tasks they can do for you are:

  •   Intake of new patients and referrals
  •   Managing appointments and cancellations as well as sending reminders to patients
  •   Database organization
  •   Email management

In addition, a virtual medical receptionist has a more flexible schedule when compared to in-office employees. They’re available 24/7 and can adjust their schedule to better meet your and your patients’ needs. This is especially important for medical professionals who could be needed at any time.

2. Improved Patient Experience

Virtual medical receptionists are skilled professionals and are only enlisted if they have the right qualifications and after proper training. They are more than capable of addressing patients’ needs.

Instead of being redirected to a cold, automated answering machine, calls from patients will be received and handled by real people. A virtual receptionist can address them directly, act as needed, and inform you of any important information.

Calling patients won’t be left unattended. You will no longer have to worry about your brand’s representation when no in-office employees can take calls.

Also, by leaving menial tasks to a virtual receptionist, you can devote more time to delivering personalized services to your patients, increasing their satisfaction.

3. Cost-Effective

You get the benefits of full-time staff at lowered costs. Unlike full-time employees who have fixed salaries, you only pay a virtual receptionist for the work they’ve done for you.

On days when your staff has enough time to do all the tasks themselves, you might not need to pay a virtual receptionist at all. If you only avail of their services for a few hours a day, then that’s all you pay for. Then when a busy day comes, they’ll be able to provide support for as long as needed.

Virtual receptionists use their own equipment, allowing you to save on equipment and maintenance costs. You can also save on space since they won’t take up any physical space in your clinic.

My Receptionist Will Help You Improve Productivity & Lower Your Costs

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