Call Handling Skills: Key to Positive Customer Experiences

Think of the best day your business ever had. Maybe you had nonstop calls from customers or received order after order. Your business was doing great, no matter what, but you can’t expect every day to be like that. You can make sure those days happen more often by focusing on customer retention.

That’s because every market has a limit. You might run out of new customers or sales in your market someday. You can create a sustainable business model by keeping your previous customers and making them regulars.

You should understand how important customer retention is by now. However, you need one essential set of skills to excel in customer retention: call handling skills. 

Why Are Call Handling Skills Essential for Customer Retention?

To put it simply, call handling skills are one of the only ways that your business can set itself apart from the competition and impress your clients. Sure, you could always offer more features but the reality is that it’s how you treat your customers that has them coming back not necessarily what you give them.

In essence, call handling skills are more of a customer-centric feature than you would initially think. The benefits that proper call handling skills offer your callers can be broken down into the following three things:

First Impressions Matter

The impact of a positive first impression extends beyond the initial call, influencing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Effective call handling skills play a crucial role in shaping these initial encounters. When calls are answered promptly and professionally, it sets a positive tone, creating a favorable impression that can resonate throughout the customer’s journey.

Respect and Friendliness are in Decline

Simply put, customer-centric telephone etiquette is in decline.

In an age of automation and digital interactions, genuine respect and friendliness can be rare commodities. Well-honed call handling skills ensure that each caller experiences a level of respect and friendliness that sets your business apart, fostering meaningful connections and positive customer relationships. 

Competitive Edge

Acquiring new customers and clients is at least 5 times more expensive than retaining the ones you have. Essentially, retaining existing customers leads to greater profit margins which should in turn give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

It should be clear now why call handling skills are so crucial to retaining your customers and building up a solid base of regulars. However, what is still unknown to you is what set of call handling skills is essential for customer retention. 

Surprisingly, not all call handling skills are centered around retaining customers. Only a specific few will be able to deliver certain results that are desirable. 

What Call Handling Skills Are Needed for Customer Retention?

There are several different kinds of call handling skills and even more ways to implement said skills. However, you should ensure that your call handling strategy centers around a key set of skills that are tailor-made to deliver a specific result.

If you neglect what was mentioned above, then you could run into issues in regard to desired effects and even strained relationships with relevant stakeholders, such as your callers and customers. 

Here are the most important call handling skills needed for customer retention.

Industry Knowledge

Possessing in-depth industry knowledge is a fundamental call handling skill crucial for customer retention. Call agents armed with a deep understanding of your business domain can provide more meaningful assistance to callers, addressing queries with accuracy and relevance.

This knowledge-driven approach fosters a sense of trust and reliability, contributing to long-term customer satisfaction and retention.


Patience is a virtue in call handling. Dealing with diverse customer inquiries and concerns demands a calm and composed approach. 

A patient demeanor ensures that callers feel heard and valued, even in challenging situations. This skill is integral to preventing customer frustration, building positive interactions, and fortifying the foundation for lasting customer relationships.

Availability At All Times

Customer retention hinges on accessibility. The ability to handle calls promptly and be available at all times underscores a commitment to customer service. This call handling skill ensures that customers feel supported and valued, leading to a heightened sense of loyalty and satisfaction. 

Timely availability contributes to a positive customer experience, a cornerstone of effective customer retention strategies.

Despite there being numerous online secretary services, there is only one virtual receptionist service that specializes in the call-handling skills that we’ve just gone over. This virtual receptionist service is an industry leader known for helping businesses build up a solid and reliable customer base.

call handling skills

My Receptionist: Specialists in Call Handling Skills

The industry leader in call handling skills is My Receptionist. 

By forgoing the long list of additional features and instead focusing on a small but solid base of skills, My Receptionist has managed to become the leading virtual receptionist service on the market. 

Not only do the live agents of this service have the necessary call-handling skills to treat your callers with respect but they’ve also been trained to handle queries from diverse industries. Let’s go over the core features that My Receptionist has built its name on top of.

Core Features

My Receptionist can count on its team of well-trained live agents to handle all your calls. These live agents are not only friendly but helpful, capable of answering caller queries and being more than just a glorified answering machine. The live agents work in tandem with My Receptionist’s key features.

My Receptionist’s core features can be broken down into one simple list of the following:

  • Online scheduling platform
  • Appointment reminders
  • Secure mobile messaging

My Receptionist offers you a robust online scheduling platform at a low cost. You can see all your important dates, such as appointments and invoices, on this platform. My Receptionist’s live agents use this platform to remind your customers of their appointments.

This way, you can trust trained professionals to handle your customer outreach program. You will also get all the information from each call through a secure mobile messaging system. This system can encrypt the information and send it to your chosen device.

You can find more details about these features, but if you need more than what My Receptionist can give you, you should check out its sister service: Always Answer.

Always Answer: Beyond the Call Handling Skills

Always Answer is known as the complete answering solution. This service has everything you need in regard to customer interactions, customer service, and of course, call handling skills. Always Answer is able to provide such a large and diverse set of features because they have the necessary manpower required to serve you.

Perhaps the most well-known and important feature that the service has is its bilingual answering. Always Answer’s live agents can respond to your callers in the world’s two most important languages: English and Spanish

Because these live agents are also trained in using the latest translation software, they can assist your callers in less relevant or known languages.

Responding to your callers in the language of their choosing is a great way to impress your customers with a virtual receptionist service. There are many more features that Always Answer can provide you with, these features include:

For the Best Call Handling Skills

Call handling skills are My Receptionist’s specialty. They have built an industry-leading business with these skills over the years. They work with their sister service, Always Answer, to give your business everything it needs. You can build a strong and stable customer base with them and get reliable sales and revenue.

Contact us today if you want a strong foundation for your business. You can optimize your business and treat your customers right in a few minutes. Interested? Find out how My Receptionist works to get started.

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