What to Know About Getting The Best Lawyer Answering Service

You know better than anyone how difficult it is to expand your clientele as a growing law firm. Larger law offices with greater reach and marketing capabilities compete fiercely with you. In addition, today’s clients want more personalized attention than ever before. 

Which means you need outstanding customer service. You take every chance to impress and satisfy a potential client. Here’s the catch: a lawyer has a mountain of non-customer service things to do on any given day: study cases, negotiate agreements, attend hearings, review new laws, and more. 

You simply have no time to cater personally to every single client who wants your attention. How do you balance maximizing your billable hours and providing attentive customer services?

Professional Legal Receptionists

Legal answering services are the best way to manage client relationships while providing astute legal service. 

In this setup, legal practitioners no longer have to deal with time-consuming phone calls, routine questions, or scheduling. Those routine communication tasks are done by legal receptionists who are trained to interact with potential legal clients. 

Legal telephone answering services enable lawyers to maximize their billable hours. And they now have more time to focus on legal strategy. At the same time, it enables the firm to meet client expectations. 

After all, clients expect to be attended to whenever they call your firm. If there’s always a live person ready to answer their inquiry, there’s a higher chance of earning their trust and gaining their business. 

What A Legal Answering Service Can Do for You

With a legal answering service, overburdened attorneys:

  • Don’t Have to Answer Calls. Calls can be disruptive, especially if you’re in the middle of an important meeting or preparation for a case. With a virtual receptionist, client calls will always be answered on behalf of your firm. The receptionist takes messages, schedules appointments, and more.
  • Have a Receptionist to Take Care of Routine Questions. First-time callers almost always have the same questions — your hourly rate, practice areas, office hours, etc. Your receptionist will answer these basic inquiries about your legal services.
  • Enable 24-Hour Availability. Clients expect round-the-clock attorney availability, but that’s simply not possible for busy lawyers. However, with legal answering services, there’s a receptionist available 24/7 to respond to client calls. 
  • Have a Virtual Secretary to Schedule Appointments. The service goes beyond taking calls. The cost for legal answering services usually covers appointment scheduling and even message taking. 

Legal Answering Service Benefits

The greatest advantage is the human element. 

When clients are calling because of a life-changing legal problem, the last thing they want to hear is an automated voice. If there’s a warm and friendly person on the other end of the line, they feel supported, and they’re more likely to choose your firm.

Your law office:

  • Improves overall client experience
  • Makes a positive first impression with prospects
  • Reduces call abandonment rates
  • Enhances the image of your law office

Downsides of Not Having a Lawyer Answering Service

Choosing not to invest in a virtual receptionist for lawyers like My Receptionist can present significant downsides for legal professionals. One notable drawback is the potential hindrance in studying case law and winning challenging cases. 

Without a dedicated service handling incoming calls, lawyers may find themselves constantly interrupted, making it difficult to delve into intricate case details or conduct thorough legal research. The uninterrupted focus required for comprehending case law intricacies is compromised, impacting the overall quality of legal work.

Professional Image of a Lawyer Answering Service

The absence of a lawyer answering virtual receptionist service also diminishes the professional image that attorneys maintain. 

Clients who seek legal representation expect a high level of professionalism. A missed call or delayed response can make them think that the lawyer is unavailable or disorganized. In the competitive legal landscape, a consistently professional image is crucial for attracting and retaining clients. 

To put it blankly, it’s like navigating a legal battlefield without a well-prepared strategy. 

A lawyer answering service acts as a reliable ally, allowing legal professionals to study the cases, strategize effectively, and win challenging legal endeavors. Without this support, lawyers might grapple with unnecessary disruptions and miss crucial opportunities to strengthen their legal positions.

man talking on the phone with a new Virtual Receptionist showcasing Customer service etiquette

Best Complete Lawyer Answering Service Solution

For as great as My Receptionist is, there are times when you may need more functionality than what the top legal answering service can offer. If this is the case for you, then you should consider My Receptionist’s companion service Always Answer.

Always Answer is a complete lawyer answering service solution. What this tool provides you with is an entire army of native English speakers who have the technical and legal know-how to assist your callers and clients.

This service has call centers all throughout the United States of America and these call centers even come with a record calls feature. What this feature does is record each call made to your firm in its entirety. These calls are then stored for 30 days and you can decide to review the calls and listen to them whenever you want.

If you decide that you want these calls to be stored for longer, you can expand the record calls feature for additional storage time. 

That’s only a taste of the kind of functionality that Always Answer can offer your firm.

Lawyer Answering Service FAQs

Integrating a lawyer answering service like My Receptionist or even a top lawyer answering service solution like Always Answer is a big task. 

Naturally, questions will arise before and during the process. This is why we’ve decided to answer the most commonly asked questions pertaining to lawyer answering services and using one. 

How Does a Lawyer Answering Service Work?

A lawyer answering service operates by handling incoming calls for legal practices. It employs trained operators who follow customized scripts, ensuring professionalism and adherence to legal protocols. 

In addition to these trained operators, the features of a lawyer answering service like My Receptionist include the following:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Filtering calls
  • Taking messages
  • Forwarding urgent matters promptly

This ensures that attorneys never miss important client inquiries and maintain a professional image.

Can a Lawyer Answering Service Book Appointments?

Yes, a lawyer answering service can efficiently book appointments. Trained operators can access your firm’s calendar, check availability, and schedule appointments based on specific criteria. This seamless integration facilitates effective appointment management, providing convenience for both clients and attorneys.

How Well Can a Lawyer Answering Service Integrate Into My Firm?

A lawyer answering service can integrate seamlessly into your law firm. By using customized scripts, these services align with your practice’s tone and values. They can handle diverse tasks, from call screening to appointment scheduling, ensuring a smooth and tailored integration into your daily operations. 

With flexibility and adaptability, these services become a valuable extension of your legal practice, enhancing client communication and overall efficiency.

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